Jan. 31st, 2010

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Last night one of my friends and I went to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood perform for the second year in a row, with much closer seats than last year--so close, in fact, that Brad and Colin repeatedly looked me directly in the eye before calling me up on stage with them.

Colin shook my hand twice! I can pretty much die happy. And Brad called me Hilary Swank as soon as I got up there, SOB. It was hilarious, but I will officially never live it down now. Damn you, Brad!!1

Even outside of that wonderful dream come true, the show was absolutely amazing. And, oh yeah, was being filmed for international TV/DVD release, so even if I can't amazingly retell any of the hilarious scenes that got pulled off last night, it won't matter much, because hopefully very soon you all will be able to see it for yourselves! I will say that the mousetrap game live is kind of terrifying, especially when they add rows of live mousetraps to dangle from the air in front of their faces and crotches. Also, Colin is a hilarious cheater. I love these men so much.


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