Dec. 14th, 2010

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I'm technically 2 days away from being done with this semester, but I'm not moving out 'til next Monday. Blargh. I'm not looking forward to being home and jobless once again.

The rest of my life has been pretty much dance dance dance dance oh I suppose I should think about putting an effort into the classes that affect my major, shouldn't I? I wish we could major in dance here so much. Doing as much as I can is about all I can do, I guess!

But yes, the dance front is easily the greatest part of my life right now. The tap piece I've been rehearsing with all semester made it through adjudication and into the department concert in the spring, which is pretty sweet! I also just performed my final solo for solo composition class yesterday, and... was told right out that it earned me an A+, and my instructor and the president of Dance Co. want me to put it in the student choreography showcase concert at the end of the year. Um. Wow. (Rough video for anyone who may be interested, because I am kind of an attention whore about it and I'm still in love with the fact that I got to use Homestuck.)


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