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Sitting in a kind of baller little hotel room in Chicago right now. I had a queen bed all to myself, and that is easily one of the best nights I have ever slept. But that could also be due to seeing what I can easily say is one of my top three favorite bands, Dream Theater, perform live last night, followed up by Iron Maiden. Both of these bands know how to put on a damn good show. Iron Maiden are all in their 50s and I think the youngest in Dream Theater are around 46 years old, but they played with the energy of 18 year olds (and in some cases, sprinted around the stage like one--goddamn Bruce Dickinson is sprightly).

Breaking tense here, but I was just looking at the twitpic that Mike Portnoy had up of the venue, and this exchange just went down:
"Yeahhhhh eighteen thousand people!"
"--there were that many people there?"
"Holy shit."

I have never come so close to crying while singing and dancing along to a band as I did with Dream Theater, and though I'm admittedly not as much of an Iron Maiden fan as the guys I went to the concert with, it was exhilarating just seeing and hearing the reactions of them and the other fans around me--and I'll admit, Bruce has a way with words in between songs. That was an amazing experience that I don't think I'll ever regret.


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