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Questions meme, because ... well, I really don't have anything else to update with?

long thing is long )
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BEST START TO A SUNDAY MORNING EVER. My heart seriously skipped a beat with joy. AAAAAAAAAH! FUCK YES!
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Last night one of my friends and I went to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood perform for the second year in a row, with much closer seats than last year--so close, in fact, that Brad and Colin repeatedly looked me directly in the eye before calling me up on stage with them.

Colin shook my hand twice! I can pretty much die happy. And Brad called me Hilary Swank as soon as I got up there, SOB. It was hilarious, but I will officially never live it down now. Damn you, Brad!!1

Even outside of that wonderful dream come true, the show was absolutely amazing. And, oh yeah, was being filmed for international TV/DVD release, so even if I can't amazingly retell any of the hilarious scenes that got pulled off last night, it won't matter much, because hopefully very soon you all will be able to see it for yourselves! I will say that the mousetrap game live is kind of terrifying, especially when they add rows of live mousetraps to dangle from the air in front of their faces and crotches. Also, Colin is a hilarious cheater. I love these men so much.
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ship me meme

Classes start one week from tomorrow! I am both excited to be back at school and also completely horrified. This is going to be my longest daily class schedule yet (since high school, anyway), and also the most expensive. I have to find out just how much these art supplies are gonna cost me. :\
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anon meme.

Because I have nothing better to post about right now.


Nov. 25th, 2009 08:54 am
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Going back home til Sunday evening, most likely. I cannot hope any harder that this weekend goes by really quickly. --okay without context this sounds really bad, because it's not that I don't like spending time with my family! It's just being back in my hometown drains all the life out of me, because after being somewhere else--even for just a couple of days--I realize just how shitty this town is and how much I don't want to get stuck here for the rest of my life. There is literally nothing there for me.

Okay to make this entry not all... stupid town-hating, have a meme that I'm late to the bandwagon on!
I'll give you a list of my characters. Ask them questions, any questions, and they'll respond to you ICly. Ask as many as you want, to any character that you want. NOTE: I can and will reserve the right to punch you (ICly or OOCly) depending on what you ask. You have been ~warned~.
goddamnbadman (Vegeta, Dragonball Z)
alphamalesyndrm (Tyr Anasazi, Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda)
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That was interesting.
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For those of you who have the unfortunate luck of following my twitter feed recently, you will know that I've been in an absolutely horrendous mood because there was sudden unnecessary difficulty in me being able to reestablish myself as a full-time student for next semester. Thankfully it's all been sorted out now, and hopefully by Monday I'll have my 12 credits once again. First world problems! I have them!

Kind of related to that, I am possibly going to harass my siblings/parents into teaching me how to ride a bike over Thanksgiving break. Wish me luck in this amazing feat of knowledge and skill.
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Have been trapped in the vortex of Youmacon 2008/2009 videos on Youtube. Please send help and bleach for that Brokeback Turtles video I just watched.
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Testing out this crossposting thing! I don't know if I'll bother to keep doing it at all, but I feel kind of lame for always checking my flist and ... never posting. Oh well.

Today is my first day of classes! I've been moved in on campus since Friday, so I'm pretty glad to have a reason to be walking around today. I don't really know what to expect out of most of it, but I think it'll be a good semester.

Oh, and as far as roommates go? Carrie's starting out pretty damn awesome. She seems okay with the fact that for now, our room is apparently the hangout spot for all of my friends to congregate (because my friends are all lame and have decided to wait to set up their dorms in the most efficient manner). And she actually talks to me and doesn't act obviously awkward, and her friend already has taken a liking to me from what I can tell. I know it isn't ideal, but it'd be cool to expand my friend circle to include her and her friends, because everyone seems to get along well after only a few days of talking.

I think my only gripe about school this year is going to be the bells that got put in the new class building. At noon and 6 pm they play the creepiest music ever. When it inevitably plays on a rainy/dark/dreary day, I am going to run screaming.
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I've had this thing for nearly two weeks and I still have no idea what to use it for. School's almost out for me, so I don't see much of anything creative-wise happening on my front, and I don't really want to just use DWidth/LJ as a crossposting thing because everyone here is also on my LJ, and my life as a college student is not exciting enough to read twice. It's not even exciting enough for me to write about!
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Sometimes I hate starting up at new sites. It makes me feel like I'm in a self-closed cardboard box and I'm too scared to peek outside the flaps and see what other new and exciting things await me. :x

Sadly this is about as close to eloquent as I can get on the weekends. Why am I up right now anyway, sob.


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